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Rust Console Edition Release Date & Trailer Revealed

The Rust Console Edition has received a release date. The survival game will be released in May of this year for PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, the editions and a new trailer were unveiled.

The multiplayer survival game Rust has been given a deadline that is valid for consoles. The so-called Rust Console Edition will be released on May 21, 2021, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The publisher and developer Double Eleven announced this shortly before the weekend.

In addition to the digital edition, Koch Media will publish a physical edition and a special Day One edition that can be purchased from selected retailers worldwide.

An overview of the Rust Console Edition

  • The Rust Standard Edition and the Rust Day One Physical Edition contain the basic game and a pre-order bonus that includes the Future Weapons and Tools Pack.
  • The Rust Deluxe Edition includes a welcome package. In addition to the basic game, buyers get three-day early access, access to the closed beta, access to the staging branch, and the Future Weapons and Tools Pack.
  • The Rust Ultimate Edition also contains an ultimate/improved version of the Welcome Pack, 1100 Rust coins and an Elite Combat Skin Pack.

In Rust, you are faced with the task of making a dangerous world unsafe online with up to 100 other participants. In the beginning, you wake up on a mysterious post-apocalyptic island littered with derelict industrial monuments and research scientists.

In the course of the game, you have to defeat thirst and hunger, fight the elements, make clothes and beware of threats. Other players, scientists, bears, wolves, death by fire, death by drowning and radiation poisoning can be dangerous to you.

In addition to the release date of the Rust Console Edition, Double Eleven has released a new gameplay trailer. You can take a look at it below: