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RICO London Co-op Shooter Announced for PS5, Xbox Series X/S & Other Platforms

A new first-person shooter called RICO London has been announced and will be released for consoles and PC. A first trailer introduces the cooperative shooter.

The publisher Numskull Games has announced a new first-person shooter from Ground Shatter. According to this, RICO London will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam) as early as June 2021. In Europe, the PlayStation and Switch versions will also be available in physical editions.

On New Year’s Eve 1999, the London police are working overtime while everyone else prepares for a big party. Detective Inspector Redfern finds himself in an impending arms deal that is supposed to take place in a skyscraper. Although she has no permission from her manager and no support, she wants to start the new millennium with a bang.

RICO London is an explosive cooperative shooter in which you shoot your way through the skyscraper, which is filled with East End gangsters. You kick in doors, dodge bullets, and grab dropped weapons to knock down enemies and reach the top of the tower.

However, the gangsters get stronger from floor to floor, which is why you take a high risk. With performance-improving perks and upgrades as well as a gradually expanded arsenal you can master all the challenges.

RICO London can be played both in online co-op and in split-screen co-op mode. A first trailer already gives a glimpse of the shooter: