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Resident Evil Village VR Version Could Follow Soon, Insider Claims

According to a well-known insider, the Resident Evil Village VR version could be in the pipeline.

Last night’s showcase revealed a ton of new information for the Resident Evil franchise. In addition to the new details on Resident Evil Village, which will arrive on May 7, the features of the online multiplayer mode have also been announced. But what certainly attracted the attention of users was the Resident Evil Village Demo, released at the moment exclusively on PlayStation 5.

While fans can take their first steps in the mysterious and disturbing village that will be the backdrop to the new misadventure starring Ethan, a well-known insider traditionally linked to the saga returns to expose himself. From his Twitter account, Dusk Golem has in fact had his say on the launch of the game, anticipating Capcom’s next moves.

I know VR was in at some point, I don’t know the current status. To do VR they need a consistent performance for motion sickness, I guess to see. There is other things that are 100% happening they for some reason didn’t mention here though, like the RE7 Next-Gen patch though.

Dusk Golem’s short tweet, therefore, gives us important information on what we will see in the coming months. First of all, it is very likely that a VR mode will also arrive for Resident Evil Village, which seems to have been released together with the game, but which for an unspecified reason will only be playable at a later time.

In addition to the insider confirms that we will in the future also a next-gen patch for the seventh chapter: we can then update Resident Evil 7 to play best on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Capcom, therefore, would not have revealed all the information at the moment, despite the last showcase being full of news for the software house and for the Resident Evil brand. At the moment, all this information remains in the field of speculation, but given the upcoming release of the eighth chapter, we are sure that official confirmations will soon arrive from Capcom.