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Resident Evil Village Second Demo Leaked on PlayStation Network

The release date for the second demo of Resident Evil Village is still not confirmed by Capcom, but it appears some files related to the game have been uploaded to the PlayStation Network (PSN) incorrectly.

Resident Evil Village second demo download available soon

It appears that four new region-specific files have been uploaded to the backend of PSN, namely for the US, Europe, Japan, and Asia. All are titled Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo, with the exception of Japan, where it maintains the “Biohazard” brand.

According to reports, the demo is approximately 10GB in size. There are also controller options discovered, which seem to confirm a remote play option on PlayStation Vita as well. At the moment there are no further details, but all this suggests that Capcom is preparing to announce the official launch date of the second demo of Resident Evil Village, which will be made available for download on the online stores of the reference platforms.

Resident Evil Village Second Demo Control Schemes

As reported by the software house, this new Demo will show us the true gameplay mechanics of the title, it will be more substantial, and will show us a lot about the plot and the gunplay, which in this eighth chapter will be an important part of the game. We remind you that Resident Evil Village will be available starting May 7 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game will be released during the 25th anniversary of the series, and it looks like it will allow all gamers to celebrate it with a truly terrifying and immersive experience. The new game is a direct follow-up to Resident Evil 7, a title that continues to sell heavily in Europe and around the world.

Once again, the game will put players in the shoes of Ethan Winters, as he explores a new mystery involving longtime protagonist Chris Redfield and new villain Lady Dimitrescu. The latter character became a huge hit with fans online and was used by Capcom to market the game.