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Resident Evil Village: Every Secrets Revealed in the Second Demo

The second demo of Resident Evil Village hides several secrets (and new features). Here’s what players can find out in the game.

As the fans of Capcom know, and in particular of the famous horror video game saga, in the past few hours the Japanese giant has made available the second demo of Resident Evil Village, which unlike MAIDEN demo, allows us to explore and give a closer look at the village that will characterize the new adventure of Ethan Winters.

Although the second demo of Resident Evil Village had a somewhat limited duration (only 30 minutes to complete), the well-known insider Dusk Golem, or better known as AestheticGamer, managed to find several secrets within it, also revealing some unpublished features of the next chapter dedicated to the iconic Resident Evil saga.

As can be seen from the multitude of tweets shared by the insider, which you can easily retrieve at the bottom of the article, the second demo of Resident Evil Village allows players to access the game map, which reported a clear distinction between the village, buildings and the presence of sewer pipes. Furthermore, the insider managed to find a tombstone inside the cemetery bearing the inscription “Eva
June, 1909 – August, 1919. May you slumber for only a short while.”

Although the game portion is quite limited, it was possible to interact within the village with a huge amount of elements. Dusk Golem during his play session managed to locate (hanging from the branches) some birdcages, which once destroyed provide some supplies for the inventory. There is no shortage of collectibles, which according to the insider are present in the demo in the form of a goat and can be found (more or less easily) in the game map.

But that’s not all, after helping Elena and her father to enter Luiza’s house, it was possible to go back and embark on an exciting firefight against 8 Lycans, confirming the action nature of the new chapter of the saga. Succeeding in the task of killing them all, we will get a hidden treasure as a reward. Finally, the insider noted that crows (once they have been hit) release a variable amount of Lei, a currency that can be spent within RE Village and useful for doing business with the merchant.

– There’s one tombstone you can examine in the graveyard that reads, “Eva June, 1909 August, 1919. May you slumber for only a short while.”

– There’s 2 Crystal Fragments you can shoot down like the spinels in RE4 (Sparkling a bit to be shot). One is on the statue of the woman in the graveyard, in the eye of the goat on the shield. The 2nd is in the Church, above the shrine in a picture.

– Small secret, there’s some Lei hidden under the bed in the house to the right at the start.

– Most obvious secret, but I know some missed this. There’s a shotgun & mine in the hack right before entering the field you can get. Can also barricade the house for fun

– There’s two birdcages hidden in trees you can shoot down. The first is hanging from a branch on the route to the door with the six-winged fetus door. The second one is in the wheat field, hanging from the tree near where Elena & her father are. Both just give some additional supplies.

– After meeting Elena and her father, you can backtrack to summon 5 more Lycan (even more fun if you kept the first 3 alive for 8 total). Killing all of them gets you a Crystal Skull treasure.

– Crows drop Lei if shot.

– There’s three hidden goat collectibles in the demo I know of. The first is obvious, at the shrine in the graveyard. But there’s also two hidden, one is on-top of the church, the other is to the furthest left on-top of the gate blocking access to the house.

– The fences in the field you can hop over, but they’re also destructible if hit.

– Many probably didn’t spend much time with the map in the demo, but it showed a new feature for RE8, the Village map is split into “The Village”, “Underground”, and “Buildings”, hinting the Village has a tunnel network & individual building maps. The map also gives the name of a couple other key items needed for doors blocked in the area. One is the “Six-Winged Unborn Key”, the second is the “Iron Insignia Key”.

– You can see the Windmill & other parts of the village if you paid attention to the skyline & peeked through locked doors.

Waiting to try the brand new Capcom horror first hand, we remind you that Resident Evil Village will officially release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Google Stadia on 7 May 2021, while the second demo (set this time inside the Castle) will be playable on April 25th.