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Resident Evil Village First 30 Minutes Gameplay Revealed by Insider (Spoilers)

With the arrival of Resident Evil Village, the eighth and highly-anticipated chapter of the long-lived Capcom saga, just a few months away, some information on the first 30 minutes of the gameplay has emerged on the Internet.

Once again, it is the well-known insider Dusk Golem who tells us about the new horror title of Capcom via his Twitter profile, in fact, the insider described the early game stages of Resident Evil Village, to be precise the first 30 minutes of gameplay.

For anyone who does not want to ruin the experience, we warn you that the following article contains SPOILERS, so continue reading at your own risk.

Dusk Golem, through a series of posts, told us what should happen as soon as he takes the pad in hand. At the beginning of Capcom’s new survival horror experience, it looks like we’ll start with Ethan and Mia’s new home, which we can explore freely, then take the baby Rose and put her to bed.

At that point, as we could see in the trailer, Chris will arrive, who will shoot Mia and kidnap Ethan and Rose: however, the car with which they are fleeing from the house, will have an accident. At that point, we will go back to checking Ethan, who will wake up in the darkness of a forest, and will search for a telephone to call for help.

We will then meet the werewolves seen in the past gameplay, we will arm ourselves and, according to Dusk Golem, we will find ourselves in a setting very similar to that of Resident Evil 4.

We remind you that according to what emerged from the official Twitter profile of PlayStation Japan, the Japanese giant will host a live streaming talk show on March 21 during which the new gameplay of Resident Evil Village will be shown, but also of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

We just have to wait to find out more, maybe some of the scenes described by Dusk Golem will be confirmed.