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Resident Evil 7 Free on PS4 for PS Plus Subscribers Due To A Bug: Here’s How To Download It

The subscribers of PS Plus can download Resident Evil 7 for free, for what appears to be an error or bug in the PlayStation Store.

Resident Evil 7 free on PS4 via PS Plus

According to what was reported by a Brazilian user on ResetEra, Resident Evil 7 is currently free for all owners of PS Plus, for what is most likely a bug of the system. For the time being, the title is still available for free but it is likely that Sony will correct the error in the next few hours.

To get the seventh installment of the horror saga of Capcom, a specific trick must be followed to download Resident Evil 7 for free, so follow the below steps.

How to download Resident Evil 7 for free?

  • You need to first download the Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour file available at this link.
  • From the above title itself, select “Buy Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.”
  • At that moment, instead of the normal price of the game, you will see the words “Free With PS Plus.”
  • This way it will allow you to take this game for free.

As it is known, Resident Evil 7 is the prequel to the most recent Capcom horror title Resident Evil Village, and, as per some rumors, it could also release on the new-gen consoles of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with some improvements and changes. At the moment, Capcom has neither confirmed nor denied this rumor, leaving all fans waiting for it anxiously.

Remember that, if you want to download the seventh title of the horror saga for free, then you will have to hurry up, as Sony might fix this bug once they notice it, returning the title to its original price.