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PS5 Update 21.01-03.00.00 Available for Download Now, Secret Features Added

The new software update for the PS5 of Sony was just released, and includes some surprising improvements to HDR support.

PS5 update 21.01-03.00.00 download

The new PS5 update is designed to bring two important features to the new generation console: the ability to save games on compatible external USB drives and the use of cross-gen Share Play, as well as a new option to automatically change the video output when using a game or app that does not support HDR.

This is a key improvement for those using HDR on PS5, as you no longer have to search the settings menu to manually disable HDR when viewing SDR content. In addition, you can now enable or disable one-touch playback, which will automatically turn on a connected TV when you start the console.

You can then also disable the shutdown link, which allows the PS5 to enter sleep mode if you turn off the TV connected to your console. But that’s not all, as some users are discovering some hidden features, as mentioned below:

“When you start or resume a PS5 game, your console will check for newer saved data in cloud storage. If you have more recent saved data in cloud storage, you can choose to sync the data!”

Other users are highlighting other important additions of this update on social networks. In fact, it seems that the new PS5 update allows you to press the options button during a game to juggle saves, as it did on PlayStation 4, while you can continue playing a title while copying it from an external hard drive.

Also, there will be a new animation during the downloads, as well as new features regarding trophies and their on-screen display have been introduced. This new update, therefore, is very interesting and rich in content, and makes the PlayStation 5 much more practical to use. So we just have to run and download it to try it directly by hand: maybe you too will discover features that you did not expect.