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PS5 New Update Will Allow PS5 Games to be Stored on External USB Drives, Available Tomorrow

PlayStation 5 will soon be updated with a new update, as presented today on the pages of the PlayStation Blog between new social features and implementations for the USB storage of PS5 games. So let’s find out all the details that will soon be entered into the console.

The most relevant detail of this first big update for PlayStation 5 concerns the possibility of storing PS5 games on an external USB. In fact, just go to the icons of the games, and with the options button select the option to move them to any external hard drive.

Since these are software designed to work with the fast PlayStation 5 internal SSD, the games cannot be directly started or downloaded to external storage, but will be automatically updated and can be moved to the main disk with ease.

As confirmed by Sony, the console will receive support for M.2 SSDs in the future, which can be inserted inside the console but unfortunately not yet functional. The new PlayStation 5 update also adds some very interesting new social features, especially as regards the communication of platforms between PS5 and PS4.

First of all, it is now possible to use the well-known Share Play function even with the latest generation, sharing their moments of play with those who have not yet passed to the next gen. They will also be able to join the game sessions remotely, thus testing the potential of the new flagship of the Japanese company.

The update also evolves the Game Base function, thanks to which it will now be easier to switch between communications between parties and friends. The possibility of stopping the game chat and adjusting the volume of individual users is also introduced.

The features do not end there, since with the new PlayStation 5 update it will also be possible to activate the automatic pre-load of games, hide elements of your library to make it tidier, zoom the screen and customize trophy features such as automatic registration, adapting it only to the most important objectives for example.

As the latest, Sony has unveiled its plans to improve the PlayStation App. After adding the ability to save products in the wishlist, activate notifications for when friends connect, and change the console status, the company will soon add more features.

In fact, it seems that it will be possible to enter game sessions from the application, manage the PlayStation storage space from mobile, compare your trophies with those of other users and filter the products of the PlayStation store.