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Payday 3 Cheats: Are There Any Trainers, Hacks, Or Mods?

Want to use some cheats in Payday 3? Here is everything you should know about them.

Payday 3 is a fun heisting game but at times it may feel too grindy. The XP you get isn’t enough to level up your weapons so you might start looking for any cheats that may help you out. While many players occasionally find glitches, they get often patched with updates. So here is everything you should know about its hacks, trainers, and mods.

Disclaimer: This guide is only meant to be for informative purposes. Some players argue that since this is a PvE-only game the cheats don’t affect them. While that is true to some extent, many still don’t want to be carried by players and want to experience the game the way it was meant to be. There is also a risk of you getting reported by other players if you use cheats and the game may ban you. So now that you are aware of the problems, you should use it at your own risk.

Does Payday 3 Have Cheats & Hacks?

Can You Use Cheats In Payday 3
Image Credits: Starbreeze Studios

No, on its own the game doesn’t have any official cheats. There are many instances where such games give you a console where you can enable and use cheats by entering certain commands. In such cases, you can’t use cheats online with other players but can enjoy using them in custom matches.

Are there any Payday 3 Trainers?

Similar to cheats, there seem to be no known reliable trainers for this game yet. Trainers typically let you modify certain in-game values which works like cheats. These would give you features like:

  • Max Health
  • Max Speed
  • Unlimited Radios
  • Aimbot

Payday 3 Cheat Mods

Cheat Mods In Payday 3
Image Credits: Starbreeze Studios

There are a few mods that you can use in the game that work similarly to cheats. Here are them and what they do:

  • All Attachments at Level 1: This lets you unlock all attachments at Level 1. You will still have to buy them, it just lets you unlock them early.
  • Aimbot: As the mod name suggests, it gives you an aim bot.
  • Jump and Mantle during Casing Mode: You can jump and mantle even while you are in casing mode.
  • Always Glow: Adds a glow to guards and cameras.
  • Modded Skills: Shooting an enemy makes every enemy stagger.

How to Use Payday 3 Mods

Depending on the mod its creator may give you special installation instructions for it. Some mods may also be dependent on other mods or files to work. But typically most mods can be installed by:

  1. Going to your game directory.
  2. Create a “~mods” folder and place it in the Paks folder. Your path should look like this: …\PAYDAY3\PAYDAY3\Content\Paks\~mods.
  3. Extract your mods and place the .pak files in the above location.
  4. Finally, start the game and the mods should start working.

That is all for the Payday 3 cheats, mods, and how to use them. Since you are interested in this game you should also check out its roadmap for 2023-24 and how to play solo without bots.