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PAYDAY 3 Roadmap 2023-24 – Every Upcoming DLC’s Info & Release Date

Four DLC's are lined up between year 2023 to 2024 for Payday 3. There will be a decent amount of gap between the launches, here is some detailed info on Payday 3 upcoming DLC content.

PAYDAY 3 is out and its roadmap for years 2023 to 2024 is also revealed by the developer Starbreeze. In total four DLCs are planned for Payday 3 that will add interesting new challenges in the game. We got a tentative release date for all four new Payday 3 DLCs. Along with this Starbreeze has also planned to release regular Seasonal Events, new Playable Characters, Skill Lines, New Enemies, Weapons, Cosmetics, etc.

PAYDAY 3 Roadmap 2023-24 Roadmap

Payday 3 DLC Roadmap

Payday 3 DLC releases are planned seasons-wise during the last quarter of this year and throughout next year. Here is the list of all DLCs and their tentative release months.

DLC 01 Syntax Error Releasing Winter 2023
DLC 02 Boys in Blue Releasing Spring 2024
DLC 03 The Land of the Free Releasing Summer 2024
DLC 04 Fear and Greed Releasing Fall 2024

Payday 3 was launched on September 21, 2023, so we will be getting the first DLC – Syntax Error before December based on the Roadmap. The second one will be released somewhere between March and May, third one will be out between June-July-Aug. And the last and final DLC will be between Sept-Oct-Dec.

Starbreeze has planned different Season Events in between the DLC’s launches. There will be new characters and enemies lined up along with new weapons. Events related to this new content will be announced in the game or via the official site or social pages.

The most recent update for the game was Payday 3 Update 1.01 which was around 2GB in download size. The update includes many fixes related to the gameplay, it also added minor fixes to skills, weapons, and enemies. Along with this, there are fixes for UI, Audio, Visuals, Heist, etc. Click this link – Payday 3 Update 1.01 Patch Logs, to read everything about the fixes done by this update.

How long to beat Payday 3 Main Story?

Payday 3 has a campaign of around 30-35 hours that can be easily completed during a week’s time if you are a slow player. Four new DLCs can add up to 10+ hours of more new content to the game. This includes unlocking each and every achievement in the game. This is yet unconfirmed along with any more data on the DLC.

We will be updating this guide with the latest info on the upcoming Payday 3 DLCs. Till then you can check out the Payday 3 guides section for more help on the game.