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Palworld: Strongest Pals For Combat

Here are our recommendations for the strongest Pals in Palworld for every combat type.

Despite being called a Pokemon rip-off, Palworld features over 113+ unique Pals for you to capture. Since every Pal’s abilities and skills correspond to their elements, all their stats eventually differ. This makes some of them good for base building while some are useful during combat. As you progress, you will need a roster full of powerful Pals to deal damage to the more powerful ones. But what are the strongest Pals in Palworld?

Don’t worry, here’s where you can find the most powerful Pals in this game. Considering the 9-element types, we have included the most powerful Pals for every combat type in Palworld. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Strongest Pals in Palworld

Anubis – Ground

Anubis is one of the most powerful Pals due to their ground attacks and various skills. This Pal seems to be a jackal-like humanoid wearing gold robes based on Egyptian-style clothing. Once this Pal is captured, you can use its Partner skill, Guardian of the Desert. Using this skill, you can apply ground damage to your attacks while dodging attacks with high-speed sidesteps.

Strongest Pals in Palworld
Image Source – Steam

Frostallion – Ice

If you are looking for an Ice Pal, there is no better match than Frostallion. It is a legendary Pal that can be found only in the Snow biome. While offering the best moveset, it can be quite a challenge to capture this Pal. However, its versatile ice attacks and skills make it one of the most powerful Pals.

Jormuntide – Water

Here’s one of the strongest overall Pal in Palworld for many reasons. Jormuntide looks like a Snake infused with the body of a dragon. It offers level 4 Watering work suitability that can be useful in the base. That said, its Stormbringer Sea Dragon Partner skill allows you to travel on the water while preventing any stamina loss when riding on water.

Grizzbolt – Electric

Grizzbolt is an electric type Pal that looks similar to a Cheshire cat (or Pikachu) with a devilish smile. Although this Pal is aggressive when fighting, its personality becomes docile once you partner up. Providing some of the best electric attacks, it can rapidly shoot mini-game when mounted.

Strongest Pals in Palworld
Image Source – Steam

Warsect – Grass

For the players looking for the strongest Pals during early-game, Warsect is a perfect pick for you. Being a grass and ground type Pal, it has pretty high stats and defensive abilities. Its partner skill offers increased defense and applies Fire damage to the attacks. This allows dealing more damage to Grass and Ice-type Pals whenever you battle against them.

Jormuntide Ignis – Fire

As a Fire and Dragon-type Pal, Jormuntide Ignis is arguably the strongest Pal in Palworld. Be it fighting battles or being a mount, this Pal features high stats and abilities. Since this Pal has dual-type skills, it has more versatile attacks. But since catching Jormuntide Ignis can only be done in the late game, you can also go for Blazamut.

Paladius – Neutral

According to the community consensus, many believe that Paladius is the strongest Nuetral Pal. When fighting this Pal as a boss, you will notice its defensive stats making it a challenge to take it down. Aside from its combat stats, it is one of the fastest mounts, and it can also triple jump during a ride. You can also use Paladius to farm useful resources like Wood and Stone.

Shadowbeak – Dark

Shadowbeak can be a perfect match for players who want a powerful Dark-flying type Pal in Palworld. All credit to its Partner skills, its dark elemental attacks and skills are increased while riding it. Shadowbeak has one of the best moveset with a variety of attacks and skills. When using it for combat, you can also use AoE attacks against other Pals. So, there is no way Shadowbeak can be overpowered by multiple Pals.

Jetragon – Dragon

Considered the fastest flying mount, Jetragon features the most powerful attacks. Being a flying-dragon type Pal, its stats are at the top of Paldeck. But to catch this Pal, you at least need to be on level 50. But once you capture Jetragon, there is no going back to slow traversal.

That’s everything covered about the strongest Pals in Palworld. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guide to find out the list of all Pals and whether will there be more added, and explore more Palworld Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.