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How To Set Up A Dedicated Server In Palworld

Want to play with more than 32 players? Check out our guide on how to set up a dedicated server in Palworld.

As it keeps on breaking the records, Palworld is currently the most popular indie game despite receiving backlash. Although there’s a long list of Pals to capture for completing your Paldeck, it’s easier when played with friends. If you want to know how to set up a dedicated server in Palworld, ensure that you have a Steam version copy. That’s because you can’t make a dedicated server with the Xbox or Game Pass versions.

Don’t worry, check out our step-by-step guide for creating a dedicated server in Palworld. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Set Up Palworld a Dedicated Server

palworld set up a dedicated server
Image Source – Steam

To make a dedicated server, follow the below steps:

  • Find and get your IPv4 address. For that, launch the Command Prompt console and type in “ipconfig” and scroll down to find the address.
  • Download and install Palworld if you haven’t already. Also, make sure to launch the game on your PC at least once.
  • Install the Palworld dedicated server on Steam. To do so, you must enable Tools from Steam’s Library menu.
  • Press the right mouse button on the dedicated server (left pane) and select the “Browse Local Files” option.
  • From there, open the Pal server which should prompt the following message:
    • Setting breakpad minidump AppID (followed by a line of random unique numbers)
  • Now, head to Palworld’s local files and launch the “DefaultPalWorldSettings“.
  • Copy all the text starting from “[/Script/Pal.PalGameWorldSettings]
  • Head back to the local files and go through the following directory or path:
    • PalServer>Pal>Saved>Config>WindowsServer
  • In this folder, launch the “PalWorldSettings” and paste all the copied text. As you open the PalWorldSettings, here are the following values you can change:
    • ServerName
    • ServerDescription
    • ServerPassword
    • ServerIP
  • Once you have edited it, save and close the file.
  • Head over to Steam and launch the dedicated server.
  • As you launch it, you will prompted with two server options. They are:
    • Play Palworld Dedicated Server: This option allows you to create a private server. All your friends need to do is type in the port number (8211 by default), and your IPv4 address.
    • Open and Start as a Community Server: This lists your server as one of the servers in Palworld’s multiplayer lobby.
  • After choosing either option, a command prompt will be launched.
  • Then, launch the game through Steam to access your dedicated server.
  • From the Main Menu, select the “Join Multiplayer Game” option.
  • If you haven’t set any password, simply press the Connect option to start with your dedicated server.
  • But if you have set a password, you need to type in the right IP address.

Each time you play on dedicated servers, ensure to launch Palworld and the command prompt together.

How to Join a Dedicated Server in Palworld

palworld set up a dedicated server
Image Source – Steam

If you wish to join a Dedicated server of your friend or other players, you need their IPv4 address. So, follow the below steps:

  • Launch the game and select the “Join Multiplayer Game” option from the Main Menu.
  • Under this section, input the server’s IP address at the bottom of the screen.
  • Make sure to keep the “:8211” with the IP address since it is the default Port number for joining the server.
  • Then, simply press the Connect button to start with the server.

Disclaimer: Don’t share your IP address or other info with unknown players since it can put your system at a security risk. We suggest sharing only with your friends or close ones that you can trust.

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