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How To Play Palworld On Mac

Can you run Palworld on Mac? Here's everything you need for playing the game on Mac.

There is no stopping Palworld despite being called a “Pokemon rip-off” and “Pokemon with guns” game. As the popular indie game keeps on breaking records, it is available on Xbox and PC. However, as for other consoles or devices, it isn’t as simple as loading the game. Speaking of which, this has got players wondering if the game can run on Mac. While it doesn’t officially have native support on Mac, there is a workaround to play Palworld on Mac.

Don’t worry, check out our step-by-step guide on how to play this game on Mac devices. So, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Can you Run Palworld on Mac?

Fortunately, Palworld can be played on Mac devices by using virtualization tools like CrossOver. This allows players to run the game smoothly with a power-packed performance. It’s worth noting that your Mac should be at least M1 Pro or beyond for a seamless performance. Before we start, ensure that you have a copy of Palworld on Steam.

So, here’s how to play the game on Mac:

  • Download and install CrossOver from their official website on Mac.
  • Once installed, launch CrossOver and install Steam.
  • Install Steam and download Palworld.
  • Exit the Steam and make sure to enable D3DMetal and MSync before launching it again.
  • Then, launch Palworld and check if you are facing any issues.

That said, you can encounter performance issues due to the game not running on a Mac. For those players, we recommend running Palworld on the lowest graphics settings.

can you run palworld on mac
Image Source – Steam

Will Palworld Come to Mac?

At the point of writing, there is no concrete evidence of the game coming to Mac devices. But given Palworld’s record-breaking success, the devs might expand on other platforms. The developers, Pocketpair, confirmed they considered including PS5 during development.

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