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Palworld Dungeon Locations: Where To Find Them

Wondering where to find dungeons or caves? Here's our list of all the known Palworld dungeon and cave locations.

Palworld features an ever-expanding map with a plethora of points of interest and secrets to hunt new Pals. As you progress, you will find many dungeons along the way. Although you can find plenty of these dungeons along the way, there are only a few that can be accessible during that time. That’s because these dungeons keep rotating according to their time-based rotation. While finding them is easy since their entrances look like caves, many players are looking for cave or dungeon locations in Palworld.

Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out all the exact coordinates of dungeons in Palworld. We have compiled the list of all the Caves or dungeons according to their regions or areas of interest. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Dungeon Locations in Palworld

Palworld Dungeon Locations
Image Source – Steam

All Island Dungeons

You can head to Ice Wind Island and the Forgotten Island to find out five dungeon locations. All of these dungeons have level 13 bosses. So, here are the exact coordinates for all the dungeons in this area:

  • -328, 15
  • -287, 7
  • -518, -2

We will be adding more locations as we discover them.

All Sand Dunes Dungeons

If you head to the dunes of the Dessicated desert and Twilight dunes, you will find ten dungeons over there. Mostly all the dungeon bosses over here are above level 38. So, make sure you are well-equipped before heading there. Here are all the following coordinates you can find them:

  • 378, 404
  • 335, 454
  • 568, 403
  • 497, 302
  • 327, 313
  • 212, 255
  • 581, 258
  • 648, 191
  • 471, 110
  • 236, 303

All Icy or Tundra Dungeon Locations

You can head to the Land of Absolute Zero to find up to nine dungeons scattered across the map. However, make sure to equip the cold-resistant armor and gear before heading over there. Like the previous area, all the dungeon bosses are above level 38. So, here are all the following exact coordinates:

  • -19, 191
  • -95, 214
  • -122, 313
  • 100, 364
  • -152, 565
  • -202, 562
  • -321, 581
  • -303, 492
  • -364, -377

All Volcanic Dungeons

As you head to the Mount Obsidian in Palworld, you will find six dungeon locations. But make sure to equip hot-resistant armor and gear before you head there. So, here are all the following coordinates:

  • -421, -602
  • -505, -532
  • -44, -415
  • -612, -253
  • -798, -582
  • -801, -361

Since Palworld is currently in Early Access, the developers, Pocketpair, will add points of interest with more dungeons. When that happens, we will ensure to update this guide. Until then, check out if the maps in Palworld are random and procedurally generated.

That’s everything covered about all the Palworld Dungeon locations. If you found this guide helpful, check out more Palworld Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.