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Overwatch Former Writer Working on a New “Multiplayer Character-Action Game”

It seems that the former lead writer of Overwatch, Michael Chu, is working on a “multiplayer character-action game” for the new studio 2K Games, 31st Union.

A Twitter user has in fact realized, reading the job advertisements of 31st Union, that the software house is looking for senior software engineers, for the realization of the next title which will be a “multiplayer character-action game.” This will most likely be a title similar to Overwatch or Team Fortress 2.

A Senior Programmer then called the game an “AAA,” stating that the candidate must be familiar with the “PS4, Xbox One, IOS, and Android development tools.” Other announcements also require familiarity with Unreal Engine 4, suggesting that this will be the engine on which the game was developed.

Former Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu joined the 31st union in July 2020, claiming he is passionate about making inclusive characters, and that he found a studio that represents these values ​​in the 31st Union.

“Our mission is not only to tell diverse, representative stories, but to create systems that will enable us to authentically and accurately represent underrepresented groups from around the world, and perhaps most importantly, to foster an inclusive environment where these stories are told by a broad and diverse group of creators who speak with their own voices, from their own experiences.”

The specific mention in the announcement about the skills that the title will require from players can make us think that the game will be a shooter based on different heroes, in the wake of Overwatch.

Future 2K Games project engineers will work on matchmaking, telemetry, replay, latency spikes, and more, and will need to “improve network code resistance to cheating and security exploits,” all of which are aspects of an action game with successful multiplayer characters.