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Overwatch 2: New Hero Sojourn Teased in BlizzCon 2021 Video

The hero shooter Overwatch 2 has received some new details, as compared to other details leaked yesterday. The people responsible at Blizzard Entertainment gave a look behind the scenes of the development.

As part of BlizzConline, another look behind the scenes of the development of the hero shooter Overwatch 2 was granted. Thus, among other things, you can see some of the new locations that should be expected in the sequel to the game of the year 2016. Among other things, the players will end up in Rome in the new game mode where you can also discover a futuristic New York City.

You can also see the new look of some well-known heroes such as McCree and Pharah, with the developers also incorporating the feedback from the demo from BlizzCon 2019 into their further plans. Among other things, this influenced the development of the fearsome adversaries of the Null Sector. The Stalker and the Breacher have been added as new opponents. Sojourn also featured a new heroine who will rely on a railgun.

In a playful way, passive attributes for roles will be a big change. Among other things, you won’t be able to hit tanks back because they are supposed to go into close combat in Overwatch 2. Among other things, Reinhardt will be able to use two strikes.

The developers have also introduced weather effects in Overwatch 2. So you can expect dynamic sandstorms, blizzards, and other effects. There will also be changes in the time of day so that you can make the PvE experience more cinematic. The game world should feel dynamic when the players experience the unique storyline.

You can also see the current talents that will allow players to customize the skills of their heroes in the brand new cooperative game experience. Some news about the story missions and hero missions are also included in the video. The developers want to create hundreds of hero missions with different enemy units, bosses and new locations on existing maps. Among other things, you can reach a new area through a gate on King’s Row.

Overwatch 2 has still not received a release date. The developers want to take more time to create a worthy successor that can live up to fan expectations. Here is the new video: