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New Silent Hill Game Is In Development from A “Prominent” Japanese Studio – Rumor

After there have been rumors over the past few months that Konami is interested in a return of its Silent Hill series, we are now getting new reports about it. The announcement is supposed to be made this summer.

In the last few months, there have been several rumors that Konami is interested in a return of its prestigious horror series Silent Hill. It was said again and again that the Japanese studio would not be working on one, but on two new games. Even a cooperation with Sony for the revival of the IP haunted the rumor mill. Now the VGC site wants to have new information about the future of the psycho-horror series.

In a current report, they first go into the latest statements from Bloober Team, which released their latest horror game The Medium for Xbox Series X/S and PC last month. The team’s CEO, Piotr Babieno, recently told GamesIndustry.biz that the studio had been working on “another horror IP” for over a year and that in cooperation with a “famous gaming publisher.” He also said people would be “very excited” to find out what brand it was.

Many players then speculated that the studio could work on a new title of Konami’s Silent Hill series. According to the VGC, however, this is not the case. Their sources couldn’t confirm that the team was actually working on a new part of the series. However, they do not rule out that two new games are currently in development.

This has already been suggested by reports from various insiders. Rather, the site was told by their sources that Konami had already given the contract to a “prominent Japanese developer.” Even more: the unveiling of this new Silent Hill game should take place in the summer of 2021.

Two people who were informed about Konami’s plans for the horror series had told VGC that the Japanese company had originally approached Supermassive Games (Until Dawn) to get them a pitch for a Silent Hill reboot. Ultimately, however, no deal came about, but individual facets of this game are said to have developed into the titles of The Dark Pictures anthology.

In addition, various sources have reported to VGC that the Silent Hill game, which is currently in development by a Japanese team, represents “a departure” from the older titles of the series. This would fit various rumors, according to Konami is looking for alternative versions of its traditional horror series.

Konami has not yet commented on the current reports, which is why this report should still be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism.