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Spider-Man 2: When Will It Get New Game+ & Additional DLC Content

Looking to replay Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Here is what you should know about its upcoming NG+ feature.

One of the core features that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was missing upon launch was New Game Plus. If you are new and don’t know what it does, then it basically lets you carry over your progress while letting you replay the story from the start.

This means you get to keep all the suits you unlocked along with the upgraded gadgets and your exp. Not counting the suits and abilities you unlock while progressing the main story. The good thing is the developers are working to bring it to the game. So here is when it may be added and about a possible DLC.

When will Spider-Man 2 PS5 Get New Game Plus?

When Will Marvels Spider-Man 2 Get New Game Plus
Image Credits: PlayStation on YouTube

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, should be getting its NG+ feature before the end of this year. This information comes from James Stevenson, the community and marketing director of Insomniac Games. While suggesting the physical copy owners of the game install version 1.001.002 of the game, people started asking him about when the game would be getting its new game plus features.

In the first question, someone asked, will the NG+ be there on launch to which James replied:

“No – we’re working on an update for those features but they won’t be in Day 1”

When another user asked whether we will be getting this feature this year or next, he replied:

“Should be before end of year”

Now, the big question is whether the game will only release the NG+ with an update or will it also offer additional gameplay content with DLC.

What Could be in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 DLC?

Spider-Man 2 New DLC With NG+
Image Credits: PlayStation on YouTube

There is a possibility that Insomniac may release a DLC with Miles using the symbiote. This is only a speculation but the reason it is a possibility is because Tony Todd recently confirmed that his recorded lines when Miles had the symbiote had been scrapped. This information comes from Evan Filarca on Twitter, they are the head founder & leader of the Spidey Squad.

They also confirmed that Insomniac only used 10% of Venom’s dialogues recorded by Todd. So adding the New Game Plus feature with additional missions or new suits would make for a good DLC.

That’s all for when Spider-Man 2 PS5 will get the new game plus and additional content for DLC. If you haven’t platinumed the game already then I suggest you check out our guide on how to unlock hidden trophies. Don’t forget to also visit our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 section for more!