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New Fable Gameplay Teased for E3 2021 Possibly by Animator

The new Fable game could make its appearance at the next E3 2021, perhaps with a first gameplay trailer, according to a recent tweet from the game’s Principle Animator, Chris Goodall.

New Fable gameplay trailer in E3 2021?

As it has been known for a while, the E3 2021 will certainly be a showcase full of important news for the world of video games. In fact, the well-known showcase this year will also introduce – obviously in digital format due to Covid19 – the main titles of Microsoft, Nintendo, and many other software houses, which gamers will be able to touch in the coming years.

Well, among the announcements of E3 2021, the new Fable game could make a new appearance, or at least this is what can be seen from the tweet of the Principal Animator of Playground Games, Chris Goodall.

To a tweet published by the Twitter account that reads the phrase “scare a dev in 5 words or less,” Goodall replied: “We’re making something for E3.” Such a statement, released by a professional in the sector, immediately startled the fans; after all, as a Playground Games animator, the minds and desires of the players immediately moved to the new Fable game.

According to the latest rumors, the new Fable game would be in development with an unidentified custom engine. Many players believe that the game engine is not versatile enough to be adapted quickly to the development of an action RPG, even if in truth we don’t know much about the development of Fable, and for this reason, we cannot yet express ourselves on the matter.

We remind you that Fable is in development for Xbox consoles and PC and that it does not yet have a release date. Like all the titles of the Xbox Game Studios, the title should be launched immediately on the Xbox Game Pass, starting from Day One.

So we just have to wait for the arrival of E3 2021 to find out if the hints of the Principal Animator of Playground Games on Fable will actually prove to be true. What do you think about it?