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New Eco-Friendly Xbox Wireless Controllers Made From Recycled Materials Available Soon

Microsoft has recently revealed two eco-friendly colorful Xbox wireless controllers. One is paved in yellow color while the other is in red and gray camouflage style. Both will be available soon in the next month.

When the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were released, the new Wireless Controller was only available to the players in black, white, or blue. It was a limited choice that quickly grew. Therefore, from February, new Xbox wireless controllers will be available on the shelves, and it will soon be joined by two other devices sporting colors for the less original.

As you can see from the image at the top of this article, one of the wireless controllers will be available in yellow color on its front side. Its back will be all white. The joysticks will also be yellowed but the directional pad, triggers, and main keys will be covered in black. Entitled Electric Volt, it will be released on April 27 and will cost $64.99 USD.

For its part, the other controller will be decked out in a camouflage coating, tinted with red, gray, and black color. The back of this controller will also be completely black. The joysticks, the directional pad will be paved in red while the main buttons will have red and black color. It will also be enriched with a textured grip. Titled as Daystrike Camo, it will be released on May 4, slightly later than the Electric Volt. It will also be a tad more expensive: $69.99 USD.

It was also confirmed that both controllers will include a “portion of resins made from recycled materials like automotive headlight covers, plastic water jugs and CDs.”

These 2 controllers will obviously work with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but not only that it will also be compatible with Xbox One, PC, and some tablets and smartphones thanks to the magic of Bluetooth.