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NBA 2K22 Cover & Release Date Leaked

A Twitter leak apparently shows the release date and the cover of the new NBA 2K22 title. This year, too, the old generation of consoles will be supported and various bonus content will be offered.

NBA 2K22 cover and release date leaks

As with virtually every sports game, you can expect a new NBA 2K title this year. Now this year’s cover and the release date have apparently been leaked. A photo was distributed via the Twitter account “NBA 2K22 Leaks & Intel,” on which September 10 is given as the date.

On the right, we see the alleged cover that shows basketball stars Dirk Nowitzki, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Kevin Durant. The special thing here, however, the cover is very similar to an oil painting.

Just like NBA 2K21, the new title will appear as a cross-generation title. Bonus content and in-game currency are also mentioned, which you can get by pre-ordering or by buying the special edition.

Because this is unconfirmed information, you should not believe this post yet. It will not be long before 2K Games officially announces the new part of the NBA 2K22.

Incidentally, the managing director of Take-Two Interactive does not regret the controversial decision to raise prices by ten euros. In February he announced that “consumer acceptance was exceptionally high.”