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Multiple Silent Hill Games Could Be Announced by Konami at the Reveal Event

Waiting to find out everything about the new reveal event, the first rumors on the upcoming Silent Hill announcements arrive.

After so many months full of rumors and leaks, in the end, Konami has finally decided to come out and launch an important announcement regarding the imminent reveal event for the Silent Hill franchise on October 17, 2022. Now, many renowned journalists and insiders are hinting that multiple Silent Hill games could be announced at the same event. Check out the complete details below.

Multiple Silent Hill Games Could Be Announced by Konami

multiple silent hill games could be announced by konami

On Wednesday 19 October, we will be able to attend a new presentation event from Konami that will reveal the future of the famous horror saga, Silent Hill, which could also include a much-talked-about remake of the second chapter.

In fact, the VGC journalist Andy Robinson has reported that many new projects seem to be coming, among which there would also be the long-awaited Silent Hill 2 Remake. On the other hand, a playable teaser would also be expected, – it could be the mysterious The Short Message leaked in recent weeks – and new plans to make a real sequel.

It also seems that Bloober Team is involved, but Robinson has not been able to confirm whether or not they are involved in Silent Hill 2 Remake. What we do know is that a demo would have actually been made by the development team, although we cannot of course say with certainty if this will confirm their involvement in the final product or if they will help with new titles.

The journalist also reported that the artist Masahiro Ito seems to have confirmed his involvement in the new project. In addition, the insider DuskGolem would have confirmed this suggestion and indicated that composer Akira Yamaoka would also be ready to return.

The insider also points out that none of the projects currently in development would be a reboot. So, fans should therefore not worry about possible distortions to the story, but simply wait for the announcement of new games that would have already been confirmed by ESRB and PEGI.

Of course, we can only invite you to take everything reported here with a grain of salt, waiting for Konami to officially reveal what all titles are in production. In a few days, we will be able to officially discover the future of Silent Hill which, apparently, seems to be decidedly light.