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Silent Hill: The Short Message Gets Rated, Screenshot Leaked

Silent Hill is really about to return soon.

As reported in these recent hours, the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, or the body that deals with classifying video games released in South Korea, has given a rating to Silent Hill: The Short Message. Check out the complete details below.

Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated In Korea, Screenshot Leaks

silent hill the short message gets rated, screenshot leaks

The rating body of Korea has published just a few moments ago a new classification dedicated to a mysterious unpublished chapter of Silent Hill: Konami’s announcement for the return of the series could be imminent.

As you will remember, for some time now rumors have spread about a new episode of the famous survival horror series from Konami, but according to the latest report that emerged on the net it could be an unpublished chapter.

According to reports, the Korean rating body has in fact reported on its pages a mysterious title of Silent Hill: The Short Message: this could therefore be the name chosen for the return of the beloved saga.

In the classification, the publisher is marked as UNIANA, a company that regularly publishes Konami games in Korea. The soccer game eFootball 2023, published by UNIANA, was also included in the list of titles classified today in the country.

After the rating, the famous Resident Evil series insider Dusk Golem also shared a screenshot on a private Discord channel, you can check the image below for verification. In this same screenshot, you will be able to see a dark passageway with some SMS messages displayed in the corner.

The insider also confirmed that this image shows us a glance at the SMS messaging system that could be based in this new Silent Hill titled Project Sakura.

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However, apart from official communication from the developers, it is currently unclear what Silent Hill: The Short Message is. There have been rumors about a new project for a very long time now, and there are so many guesses that it’s hard to predict what it might be.

In any case, this confirms that Konami is working on something related to Silent Hill. But the question now is: when will Silent Hill: The Short Message be revealed?