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Minecraft Composter: How To Craft And Use It

Wondering about the crafting recipe for Composter? Here's how to make and use Composter in Minecraft.

Minecraft features a wide range of resources and tools to help you out in the farming business. Composter is one of the fastest and most reliable methods to get Bone Meal. Similar to a composter in real life, it transforms your vegetable and plant-based items into valuable Bone Meal. While crafting it is quite straightforward, many players are having trouble using or making a Composter in Minecraft. Don’t worry, check out our guide to know its crafting recipe and uses.

Minecraft Composter Recipe

You can make a Composter by placing 7 wooden slabs of any type in a U-shape in the 3×3 crafting table. Make sure that you have plenty of wood available before you build it.

Follow the below steps to craft a Composter:

  • Open your 3×3 Crafting table. If you need to make it, you can craft it by placing Wood planks in a 2×2 Crafting grid.
  • Place seven wood slabs in the grid in a U-shape by leaving the middle slot empty.
  • For Wooden slabs, you can put 3 wooden planks of the same type in the third row. You will gain 6 Wooden Slabs.
  • As soon as you place the wooden slabs, the Composter will spawn. Now, all you need to do is add it to your Inventory.
How to Make and Use Composter in Minecraft
Image Source – RajCraft on YouTube

How to Use Composter in Minecraft

You can use the Composter to create a Bone Meal by recycling food and plant items. For that, gather as many plant-based items as you can get.

  • Once you have collected enough veggies or plants, interact with Composter.
  • As you add these items to the composter, a layer will be added.
  • The green particle in the Composter indicates a new layer has been added.
  • You must create 7 layers of compost to fill it.
  • After creating these layers, Bone Meal pops out of the Composter once it is ready.
  • Finally, collect the Bone Meal to add it to your Inventory.

You can also place the Composter in front of unemployed villagers to turn them into farmers.

That’s everything covered about how to craft and use Composter in Minecraft. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides on how to make and use Smoker, and Blast Furnace, and explore more Minecraft Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.