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Minecraft Ancient Debris: Best Height Level & Easiest Ways To Mine

Wondering what is the easiest way to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft? Here's the best height or Y-level to find these rare ore blocks.

Minecraft features a plethora of rare materials or items for crafting useful resources. Ancient Debris is unarguably the rarest ore block that was added in update 1.16. Being 12 times rarer than common Diamonds, this ore is the main source of Netherite scraps and ingots. You can use these resources to craft higher-end armor, weapons, and other gear. But as players wander around the Nether to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft, many are confused about its Y-level or height level.

Don’t worry, our guide has got you covered with everything you need to find these rare ore blocks. In our guide, find out the best Y-level and the easiest methods to find Ancient Debris. So, here’s all you should know about finding them.

Best Y-level to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

ancient debris minecraft level
Image Source – RealJayden on YouTube.

Ancient Debris can only be found between Y-levels 8 to 119 in the Nether. The best spawn level for this rare ore is usually found around Y-level 14 in the Nether biome. When it floats over lava, you can collect its item form. We recommend consuming the Potion of Fire Resistance before diving into the lava.

Keeping its title as the rarest block, mining Ancient Debris in Minecraft can be a bit tedious. Since many players couldn’t find this rare ore around this height level, we have compiled the easiest method to find them easily.

Easiest Methods to Find Ancient Debris in Minecraft

Bed Method

If you lack Diamond Pickaxe or other necessary tools, the Bed method is the most convenient way to mine Ancient Debris. As you place the Bed in the Nether, it explodes while destroying the nearby chunks of blocks nearby. While this method can be a bit time-consuming, it’s quite easy way to farm Ancient Debris early on.

  • For that, you can place a bed four blocks away from you near the spawn level for Ancient Debris.
  • Make sure to place one block of cobblestone to protect yourself from the explosion.
  • Once everything’s set, interact with the Bed to blow it up.

Strip Mining

Strip mining is the fastest way to mine Ancient Debris in Minecraft. But before that, ensure that you have a Diamond Pickaxe or an Iron Pickaxe with mending, unbricking, and efficiency III enchantments. For this method, we recommend players avoid Crimson Forest and Basalt biomes.

  • Head to the spawn Y-level 15 in the Nether and start mining with your Pickaxes.
  • The more enchantments you use with the Pickaxes, the faster you will mine Ancient Debris.
ancient debris minecraft level
Image Source – RealJayden on YouTube.

Branch Mining

Using this mining method, you can scavenge and farm Ancient Debris efficiently. You require a Diamond Pickaxe with mending, unbricking, and efficiency enchantments.

  • When you reach the Ancient Debris spawn level, start digging 2×2 tunnels from the center.
  • As you start mining, you will form branches making it easier to find the rare ores.

That’s everything covered about the best Y-level to find Ancient Debris in Minecraft. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides on how to beat the Warden, the best XP farms, and explore more Minecraft Guides in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.