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Microsoft Is Reportedly Working On Bringing Android apps to Xbox

According to a report, Microsoft may have revealed that Android app support for Xbox.

Everything indicates that Xbox One may receive support for Android apps. We’re talking about Windows 11 coming in October for compatible computers, but the ability to run Android apps on Windows won’t be available at launch. But it seems that this will not be restricted to computers only, the feature could possibly be integrated into the Xbox consoles.

Android apps Could Be Coming To Xbox

In the presentation event of Windows 11, the latest operating system for PC, Microsoft announced support for installing and running Android apps. Today, the software that should allow the use of the function has appeared on the Microsoft Store and it seems that it is also compatible with some Xbox models.

It is called Windows Subsystem for Android and was discovered in the Microsoft Store listing recently. Not only has the app been listed in the virtual store of the American company but it is also already possible to download it for free.

Unfortunately, if you try to open Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11, you will only get a black screen and it is not possible to do anything more, at least for the moment. This is because the compatibility of Windows 11 with Android apps should be activated only after the launch of the new operating system.

Interestingly, the app is reported to be compatible with Xbox systems, specifically having the old-gen Xbox One console as a minimum download requirement, as can be seen in the image below.

Android Apps Xbox

Microsoft has never officially announced the arrival of Android apps on Xbox, so this discovery is, therefore, to be taken with a grain of salt. It could just be an oversight of those who put the Android compatibility layer on the Store or it could very well be something that will arrive in a more remote future.

However, Android app support would be a welcome gift to Xbox. For example, this would open the door to porting Android games to consoles and would also allow the use of various streaming game services that do not have an Xbox app but are instead usable with an Android client.

Would you be interested to install Android apps on your Xbox consoles?