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Marvel’s Avengers: Kate Bishop Available Today, New Content Detailed

With Kate Bishop, another playable character finds its way into the action title Marvel’s Avengers today. In keeping with this, the developers of Crystal Dynamics went into the content that will be made available as part of today’s update.

As recently announced, players of the action title Marvel’s Avengers can look forward to a new character today on Tuesday, coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here we are dealing with Kate Bishop, who finds her way into the game in the form of a corresponding DLC.

In addition to the new protagonist, the mission called “Operation: Taking AIM” is offered, in which Kate Bishop moves into the center of the action. The gifted gymnast and master archer had her first appearance in “Young Avengers #1.”

According to the developers in charge of Crystal Dynamics, Kate’s fighting style will bring a playful breath of fresh air to Marvel’s Avengers. Her skills include the so-called “tranquilizer arrow” with which Kate triggers the debuff Snared. With the “Demolition Blast arrow,” however, Kate places a delayed approach explosive device that attaches to surfaces. The detonation throws targets into the air, making further attacks possible.

And then there is the “Smoke Screen Arrow,” which is described as an evasive bow attack in which Kate shoots an arrow, which in turn creates a cloud of smoke and causes additional stun damage to enemies in the smoke. In addition to her unique skills, Kate is of course given a 40-level challenge card.

Hero Challenge Cards allow players to earn resources, units, credits, and cosmetic items by successfully completing in-game challenges. All further details about Kate and the new content bringing the Marvel’s Avengers community to life today are waiting on the official website.