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Lost Soul Aside PS5 Release Officially Confirmed

As the responsible developer of Ultizero Games announced, the role-playing game Lost Soul Aside will also be released for the PS5. The catch is that the promising project still did not get a specific release date.

A PlayStation press conference was held in China this Thursday morning, which was used to present various PlayStation projects from China. The titles presented included the role-playing game Lost Soul Aside developed by Ultizero Games, which was announced in 2018 as part of the PlayStation China Hero Project.

After only one implementation for the PlayStation 4 had been confirmed so far, the makers of Ultizero Games announced at the PlayStation China press conference that Lost Soul Aside will also be released for the PS5.

Lost Soul Aside will be released in 2022. Unfortunately, a specific release date has not yet been announced. Instead, Ultizero Games simply said: “We are happy to officially announce today that Lost Soul Aside is also coming to PlayStation 5. We hope you look forward to the game and we appreciate your continued support.”

In Lost Soul Aside, the player finds himself in a mysterious world in which two powers fought for supremacy in a long conflict. A few years after the outbreak of war, monsters appeared and began indiscriminately hunting and killing people.

In Lost Soul Aside, you are faced with the task of getting to the bottom of this mysterious circumstance and of banishing the danger posed by this threat once and for all. Recently, an 18 minutes gameplay video of the title was released by the developers, you can watch it here.