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Lost Soul Aside 18 Minutes of Fresh Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots Released

Some fresh impressions from the Chinese role-playing game Lost Soul Aside are now available. You can check out the new screenshots and some extensive gameplay video of the title at the bottom of this article.

As early as 2018, the Chinese development studio Ultizero Games announced the ongoing work on the role-playing game Lost Soul Aside. This is being created as part of the PlayStation China Hero Project for the PlayStation 4 and was originally supposed to be published last year.

Nothing came of this plan, however, as a little consolation, the responsible developers at Ultizero Games gave us at least fresh impressions from their latest project. On the one hand, the studio made four new screenshots of Lost Soul Aside available via Twitter, which you can view below.

There is also an extensive new gameplay video with a running time of 18 minutes, which gives you a detailed look at the role-playing game. According to current plans, Lost Soul Aside will now be released for the PlayStation 4 in the coming year.

In the game, you will find yourself in a fantastic world in which two kingdoms fight for supremacy in a long war. A few years after the outbreak of war, monsters appeared and began indiscriminately hunting and killing people.

Your task in Lost Soul Aside will be to get to the bottom of the mysterious power behind the monster outbreaks and to banish the danger once and for all.