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Lethal Company: How To Make More Money

Want to make money to buy items and other upgrades? Here's the best way to farm money in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company features a wide range of items and ship upgrades you can use against creatures, monsters, and other enemies. These include Pro-flashlight, walkie-talkies, Teleporter, and other useful resources. But since you cannot keep these items permanently, you must buy them for your runs. While requiring tons of cash, you must make more money in Lethal Company.

Don’t worry, we have compiled the best ways to earn cash in this game. In our guide, we have also included important tips to get money fast. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Make More Money in Lethal Company

The easiest way to make more money is by getting an Overtime Bonus if you manage to reach the daily quota. The Company assigns you a certain moon for around 5-6 PM. Anytime beyond this period rewards you with the Overtime Bonus as the name implies. But note that the facilities get more dangerous during the Overtime. You can face rare creatures like Eyeless Dogs, Worms, Forest Keepers, and more after 6 PM. The more items you sell to the Company, the more money you will be rewarded.

Aside from the above method, there are also other ways to make money by selling Scrap. So, here are the best tips for getting more money in Lethal Company:

Scan Frequently

The Scanner is the most useful item for exploring the moons and the various facilities around them. You can use this item to scan the scrap and detect various enemies throughout different locations. This is detected in the middle of the HUD in green color. Be it a smaller or larger item, keep on scanning frequently to collect scrap quicker. The more loot you collect, the more money you will earn in Lethal Company. However, we recommend knowing the escape points as you explore these moons.

Communicate with your Teammates

It is essential to communicate with your teammates to deal with different monsters and creatures. You can also ask them to share items if you are low on money. Alternatively, you can also reduce your carry weight by sharing items that your crew needs.

Make More Money in Lethal Company
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Drop Unnecessary Loot

Speaking of which, drop any loot which is unnecessary for your runs. This can help you increase mobility offering you faster movements while dealing with your enemies. For example, there is no point in carrying an extra Flashlight if you have a Pro-flashlight. Instead, dropping the flashlight can help you decrease the carry weight.

Keep your Crewmates Alive

Lastly, it is important to keep everyone in your team alive for maximum bonus and money. While you can share the bought items and upgrades with your crew, you can lose it all if they die in between the runs. Likewise, your teammates cannot use your items if you are killed by the enemies. So, ensure everyone in your team is assigned the right team roles according to their skills.

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