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Konami Confirms Partnership with Bloober Team Amid Silent Hill Rumors

In the past few months, there has been a persistent rumor that the Polish developers at Bloober Team might be working on an unannounced Silent Hill project. Today, a strategic partnership with publisher Konami is fueling speculation.

Konami confirms partnership with Bloober Team fueling Silent Hill rumors

Rumors are circulating for a while now that the Silent Hill series will return with two new projects. According to unconfirmed rumors, one of the two titles is in the works at the Polish development studio Bloober Team, which has made news for itself in recent years with horror games like Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and The Medium.

The speculation about the new Silent Hill from Bloober Team is fueled by the announcement of a strategic partnership with the Japanese publisher Konami. To what extent the partnership between Bloober Team and Konami could indeed point to a new Silent Hill remains to be seen, however, as the official statements in the context of today’s announcement were deliberately kept unclear.

Piotr Babieno, President of Bloober Team, for example, speaks of a historic day for his studio, which has now finally “joined the world leaders in gaming and became an equal partner for the leading players in this market.”

Hideki Hayakawa, Representative Director and President of Konami Digital Entertainment, said: “We have been providing unique entertainment content and ways to enjoy it through the use of information technology. In the digital entertainment industry, significant changes in the business environment are expected in the future. We look forward to combining Bloober Team’s and our respective characteristics and strengths to create high-quality contents.”

We will of course keep you up to date on further development. Stay tuned for more information.