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Immortals Fenyx Rising PS4 Demo Leaked

While most games no longer offer a demo these days, you might be lucky with Immortals: Fenyx Rising. A recently emerged note indicates a demo version of the colorful Ubisoft title for PS4.

If you are not sure yet whether the mythical action role-playing game Immortals: Fenyx Rising is for you, you could soon get an opportunity to test it. The owner of the Twitter account “PSN Releases” points out that a demo with the ID shown below has recently been added to the European PlayStation Network.

So you can count on a demo version of the game that will be available to all PS4 owners. Whether a demo is planned for other platforms is currently not yet known. The scope of this trial version and the release date is also unknown. It could also be a mistake or a misunderstanding.

As soon as official information is available, we will let you know as soon as possible. In any case, it wouldn’t be the first time that there would be a demo of the game. There was a demo for the Google Stadia cloud gaming service back in October. Probably the same content is waiting for you in the PS4 demo.

By the way, the first DLC called A New God is coming up for Immortals Fenyx Rising, adding a new chapter to the main story. The recent rumors that the download expansion will be released on January 21st (today) have not come true.