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Hyper Scape Gets Console Crossplay & Winter Festival Started

With the Winter Festival, Ubisoft started a new event in the in-house multiplayer shooter Hyper Scape. It was also announced that the console version now supports the crossplay feature.

As part of a current press release, Ubisoft announced new features and content for the online multiplayer shooter Hyper Scape, which are now available. On the one hand, the players of the title can look forward to the contemplative winter festival, which is available on all platforms from December 15 to 29, 2020.

As part of the freshly started winter event, a snow-covered neo-arcadia and brand new festive cosmetic items are waiting to be discovered to celebrate the holidays in style. Furthermore, the console versions of Hyper Scape support the crossplay feature with immediate effect.

So you can compete on the battlefield with players who are on another platform or form a squad with them. If there is a user in their own group who is on the go on the PC, then the entire team is put into the PC matchmaking pool.

Console Crossplay is now available for Hyper Scape and enables matchmaking between PlayStation and Xbox players in all available modes of Hyper Scape, including Crown Rush and Team Deathmatch battle royale modes.

This affects both current and next-gen console players. PC gamers can team up with console game friends in the same squad, in which case the entire squad will be placed in the PC matchmaking pool.

Here is the official trailer for the start of the Winter Festival.