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Horizon Forbidden West May Be Delayed To 2022, Insider Says

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is certainly one of the most anticipated titles for PlayStation fans for 2021, being one of the main exclusives coming to PlayStation consoles. The release of Horizon Forbidden West is in fact currently scheduled for the end of this year, but many have defined themselves as skeptical about maintaining this time window, as the game could be delayed to 2022.

Will Horizon Forbidden West be delayed to 2022?

The rumors were further strengthened when even the boss of PlayStation Studios admitted that the release of Horizon Forbidden West in 2021 is not yet certain and that it will have to be confirmed as soon as possible. After all, it took the team several years to deal with small details. Guerrilla Games wants to take the time to make an excellent PlayStation exclusive.

So according to reports, the well-known journalist Jeff Grubb now said that he was convinced that the delay of Horizon Forbidden West to 2022 will soon be announced. Within his podcast on Giant Bomb, he stated that rumors are quite insistent on the upcoming announcement: Aloy’s next adventure would therefore be postponed to next year.

Jeff Grubb also revealed that, according to him, the next State of Play will take place during the month of September: the occasion would therefore be the right one to announce this decision by Sony.

In a comment on Reddit he had the opportunity to further investigate the topic, trying to further clarify the news:

“I did basically say this. I tried to clarify that this is what I’m hearing and not that it’s a sure thing,” Grubb said.

The latest rumors heard by the journalist would therefore signal the possible delay of the title to next year, but remaining just rumors it is not said that in the end, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn cannot really come out this year.

Consequently, Jeff Grubb’s invitation is not to take the delay of Horizon Forbidden West as a fact: in the meantime, we also suggest taking this news with due precautions, pending any official confirmation.