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Horizon Forbidden West: Guerrilla Games Clears Doubts About Release Date, PS4 Version, Combos, & More

The Guerrilla Games guys have revealed interesting news on the new Horizon Forbidden West, from the release date to new features.

Although Sony has shown a full-bodied gameplay video of Horizon Forbidden West last week, in the last few hours the guys from Guerrilla Games have shed light on their new work, revealing unpublished details of the game.

During a recent interview with Game Informer the game’s director, Mathijs de Jonge, said that the development of Horizon Forbidden West is on track and its release date is still scheduled for this year 2021, even if it does not exclude the possibility that the team may encounter difficulties. Here are his words:

“The development is on track. The thing is, these are just strange times that we’re all in and we have never finalized and shipped a game under these kinds of circumstances.

“So we are constantly calculating our schedules and looking at, ‘Okay, where are we?’ and ‘Are there any unforeseen things that might happen?’ We just want to be super confident when we announce the release date, that we’re actually going to hit it. So we just need a little bit more time, and then we can come back with a final release date.”

If that’s not enough, the game director has revealed that the title will support different game modes; a performance mode, which will allow Horizon Forbidden West to support 60 fps on PlayStation 5, and a fixed fidelity mode of 30 frames per second.

But that is not all. During the long interview, the Dutch development team revealed the new features that will characterize Aloy’s brand-new adventure. Horizon Forbidden West will not only enjoy the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the DualSense of PlayStation 5, but will also be able to count on 3D audio and a new climbing system, completely free.

In addition, the Guerrilla Games guys have not only completely revised the skill tree and the weapon improvement system, but also introduced many different biomes in the game world and a new hand-to-hand combat system, characterized this time by the presence of combos.

There is no shortage of news regarding the PS4 version of the game. According to information released, much of the game was developed on Sony’s now “old-gen” console (being tested), although it will enjoy a different water rendering technique from that seen on PlayStation 5 at the last State of Play.

We remind you that Horizon Forbidden West will release exclusively on Sony consoles (PlayStation 4 and PS5), even if no official release date has been provided at the moment.