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Hitman 3: Season of Lust Trailer & Details Revealed

The latest season of the stealth action title Hitman 3 starts today under the name Season of Lust. We’ll tell you which content will be offered in detail in the next few weeks.

Hitman 3: Season of Lust Trailer Revealed

IO Interactive continues with post-launch support for Hitman 3, the latest iteration of Agent 47 that was released in January this year. Now is the time for the Season of Lust, a new season of content that has started today and will add new features in the coming weeks.

The studio has unveiled a new trailer detailing the roadmap that will be followed in this Season of Lust, which today has added a new mission, a suit, a bow, and an accessory.

In addition, a new elusive target will be added to the game on July 30 and will last until August 9. After this period, another objective will be added that players can hunt.

With bright skies above, four distinct gardens have been installed in the mansion grounds to showcase the pinnacle of horicultural excellence from around the world. Each garden has been curated by a world-class gardner that will present their best blooms to three judges – who you might recognize as familiar characters from the opening of the Burj Al-Ghazali in Dubai,” the new season depicts.

Finally, various weapons are waiting to be unlocked by you. All further details about the Season of Lust that started today can be found on the official website.

You have a secret admirer and you have to go full-on detective to find out who that is. In doing so, you can unlock a beautiful red snake print suit called the Scarlet Suit, as well as the crossbow Serpents Tongue and the bracelet Serpent’s Bite.

You can see more of it in the video below, but the question is: when exactly does the fun part of this theme start? In any case, the content is now available, but this will probably remain a fairly chaste story.