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Hideo Kojima Will Be At Summer Game Fest 2021, New Game Announcement Incoming?

As it was already confirmed, Kojima Productions is already working on a new game, but nobody knows exactly what it is. Despite frequent rumors about the return of Silent Hill, Konami’s horror franchise is not expected to return any time soon, whether at the hands of any company.

Will Hideo Kojima announce his new game at Summer Game Fest 2021?

After all, with E3 2021 coming up, is there any chance Hideo Kojima will grace us with the revelation of Death Stranding’s successor? Well, although there is no official confirmation, it is a fact that the legendary director likes to make big announcements at events. Today, we have discovered how Hideo Kojima will also be present at the Summer Game Fest event.

Back in 2014, during Gamescom, the world learned of the existence of P.T., the “playable teaser” from Silent Hills, a project that was eventually canceled by Konami. Two years later, at E3 2016, Death Stranding, the latest game in Kojima’s career was revealed through a trailer that caught the attention of countless players.

Without an official title, the existence of Kojima Productions’ next game was confirmed in October 2020. So, it’s already been at least eight months of work invested in the project, which is perhaps enough for the studio to feel comfortable with at least sharing a teaser from those who confirm the existence of IP without saying much.

According to journalist Jeff Grubb, the next Kojima game will be released in partnership with Microsoft. Interestingly, at the same time that this rumor emerged, Phil Spencer gave a presentation in which a figure from Kojima Productions appeared on the stage shelf, which was enough for many fans to theorize.

Given that Microsoft often puts on real shows during E3, it wouldn’t be shocking to choose this conference to reveal the next game from one of the industry’s most respected creators. Our hope is that the announcement of Kojima Productions’ next title will, in fact, take place at whatever conference it is.