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Kojima Productions Will Announce Its Next Game ‘Quite Soon’, Art Director Says

When it comes to Hideo Kojima, the gaming world is always in confusion. There are many admirers of this artist who over the years have always distinguished himself for quality work and more. Like for example, the much-beloved and hated Death Stranding, the first work of his personal studio of Kojima Productions after the farewell with Konami.

Now, however, after a year or so, what will be in the works at the software house of Kojima Productions. But above all, when will the new production of the studio be revealed? Kojima’s faithful and close collaborator Yoji Shinkawa gave some answers about it.

These are the words of Shinkawa about the details of the new IP: “Well yeah, I am doing something, for sure, and I could tell you probably that we can announce it quite soon.”

In the months following the release of Death Stranding, the head of the software house has always wanted to joke with the public about the new title in development. At first, Kojima was looking for the best talent in the world, 25 to be exact, capable of covering every important role in the process.

Kojima recently talked about a horror movie that was intriguing him and likely prompting him to make a groundbreaking scary title, only to announce that he had canceled a major project under development. Last, through the Twitter social network, he hinted that he was at the potential development of the second chapter of Death Stranding. Even the lead actor himself, Norman Reedus, said that he was in talks for a project that would tie him back to Kojima Productions.

In any case, Hideo has repeatedly stated how he had the desire to explore a new type of game, also enabled for cloud gaming platforms and, as he stated, creating smaller works, perhaps in episodes, while dedicating himself to what instead is the AAA game of the company.

You can check the full interview in the video below.