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Hello Neighbor 2 Will Be Free Via Xbox Game Pass, New Trailer Released

Hello Neighbor 2 returns to be talked about thanks to a trailer shown during the Xbox Indie Showcase, and which will also be available for free via Xbox Game Pass. During the in-depth video, lasting just over 3 minutes, some peculiarities that the title will have were shown.

At the plot level, the trailer told us that in Hello Neighbor 2 we will be called to investigate the disappearance (which took place during the first chapter of the series) of our neighbor, Mr. Peterson. Collecting information about him will not be easy at all, as a mysterious creature will not make our life easy on the contrary, quite the opposite.

This unknown creature, which is none other than the artificial intelligence we talked about above, will mark all our moves and adapt accordingly: in short, we will have to sweat seven shirts to take advantage of the few seconds of distraction that it will give us to move forward in the adventure game developed by the guys from Dynamic Pixels.

The adventures of the title will take place in the not at all charming town of Raven Brooks, a city like any other, except that it is infested with crows, not really cute birds that do not bode well. Here we will be called to take on the role of a journalist called Quentin, suspicious of the behavior of his neighbor, who has evidently gone out of his mind. Or maybe not.

Nobody will believe your theories about Mr. Peterson, from whose house come strange screams, especially at night, so you will have to investigate these absurd events yourself: you will enter a world of horror from which escape will be very complicated. Yes, because it will be you, thanks to the algorithm developed by Dynamic Pixels, who will give instructions to the AI. And no one will be able to help you, because the experience will be unique for everyone.

The title is an open-world survival horror, consequently, you will have the opportunity to visit Raven Brooks and, according to what is seen from the video shown during the Xbox Indie Showcase, you can interact with all the characters you will meet and, look a bit, they will be led by the same AI that drives Mr. Peterson.