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Helldivers 2: How To Switch To First Person Mode (POV)

Here's how to switch to the First Person mode in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 is about eradicating and driving away the Terminids and Automatons factions from the various planets. As a fast-paced shooter game, most of its gameplay is set in a third-person view. However, many players prefer to play shooter games in a first-person POV for an immersive experience making it more terrifying. Luckily, there’s a way to change to a first-person mode in Helldivers 2. So, check out our guide to know all about it.

How to Switch to First-Person Mode in Helldivers 2

helldivers 2 switch to first person mode pov
Image Source – PlayStation on YouTube.

You can switch to a first-person mode by pressing the R3 button on your controller or the middle button on your mouse. However, it won’t let you switch to the first-person POV permanently. Instead, switching to this mode is only possible if you are aiming down sights. This allows you to use an optic rather than the standard circle reticle during combat.

You don’t have to change the first-person mode for future sessions since the game remembers it. But that said, you can also change these settings based on your suitable preferences. For that, head over to the Gameplay by pressing the Options tab. You can choose any of the below settings depending on your usage of the first-person mode in Helldivers 2. So, here are the three settings you can find:

  • OFF: Aiming always starts in third-person view aim mode.
  • Per Weapon: The last aim mode is stored per weapon.
  • Global: All weapons use the last selected aim mode.

When switching to this POV, you can gain an edge over your opponents in no time. If you are using a Sniper rifle or any long-ranged weapon, the first-person mode can offer you a precise vision. But it’s worth noting that close-ranged encounters can be a bit of a challenge if you are trying this mode new.

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