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Halo Infinite Will Support Crossplay & Cross Progression Between Xbox and PC

Microsoft finally confirmed today that Halo Infinite will support crossplay and cross-progression. It will allow PC and Xbox players to play the Halo Infinite campaign, and support also extends to multiplayer. Any multiplayer setup and progress will sync across both PC and Xbox.

Halo Infinite Supports Crossplay and Cross Progression

As we all know, Halo Infinite is the most anticipated next-gen game of Microsoft, but don’t forget that 343 Industries’ title will also be coming to PC at the same time. And Microsoft does not wish to take disadvantage of this version, as the manufacturer affirms again today by committing to strengthen its links with PC games.

In a new article published on the official website of Xbox Wire, we learn that Halo Infinite will support crossplay and cross-progression between PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series, just to reinforce the “Play Anywhere” side.

All of your save game progress will follow you from platform to platform, and multiplayer will be completely open to everyone. In addition, the PC version will be entitled to support ultra-wide screens, additional customization in the allocation of keys as well as a lot of graphic parameters to adapt to the machine of each one.

The game will also be available with the Xbox Cloud. At the same time, Microsoft promises us improvements concerning the Xbox application on PC, which sometimes causes some problems. The manufacturer will thus improve the installations and especially the download speed, which was quite expected.

Halo Infinite still doesn’t have a release date, but it should arrive by the end of this year on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.