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Halo Infinite Download Size Leaked, Here’s How Much Free Space You Require

For Halo Infinite you have to keep almost 100 GB of free space on the SSD of your Xbox Series X/S, as a leaked image shows the exact size of the file.

Halo Infinite install size makes it the biggest in the series

An image has appeared on the web today that is supposed to show the install size of the Halo Infinite download file, and it’s not a small one, which requires not less than 97.24 GB from your SSDs. Since this is the vanilla version, you have to add the various patches, some of which are already available for launch.

Halo Infinite Download Size Leaked

Halo Infinite download size to be less on Xbox One?

The information applies to the Xbox Series X/S version of the game only. It could be a little less on the Xbox One, as the next-gen technologies obviously take up storage space. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X/S supports a better compression technique that allows file sizes to shrink a little.

In any case, 343 Industries has not yet announced the gold status for Halo Infinite, so the final file size should not yet be determined. It will be a piece of internal information in the meantime. The number is still not completely absurd, because the content for the shooter should already be largely determined.

The great hope is that the developers will separate the campaign from the multiplayer mode – the file shown in the picture probably contains both aspects. That way we could play through the story and then delete it to save space while the multiplayer remains installed. This practice is spreading more and more, and since the multiplayer aspect is free-to-play, this is also not unlikely with Halo Infinite.

There is still no exact release date of Halo Infinite, but 343 Industries has confirmed the release window of the title coming at the end of 2021.