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GTA VI: Female Protagonist, Setting, Release Window & Other Details Leaked (Bloomberg)

According to a Bloomberg report, new GTA VI leak finally confirms female protagonist, Vice City setting and release window of the game.

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier released a new report yesterday on the transformation of Rockstar Games’ work culture and the main news of GTA VI, the new game in the series in development. In the same report, information regarding the playable characters, settings, release window, etc. of the GTA VI has been confirmed. Check out all the details below.

GTA VI: Female Protagonist, Setting, Release Window Leaked

gta vi female protagonist, setting, release window leak

GTA VI is a highly anticipated title, to say the least, despite Rockstar Games being extremely silent towards its new title. Busy as it is with GTA Online and the arrival of the PS5 version of Grand Theft Auto V, there will still be time to see a new chapter.

But the usual Jason Schreier, a well-known videogame insider, takes care of extracting some information on GTA 6 from his usual sources.

In a long Bloomberg report that tells of a renewed Rockstar Games, more attentive to the health of its employees and with a new work pipeline capable of allowing everyone to perform their business in the best possible way, Schreier also made many statements on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6.

The idea, which has emerged several times in the past, is back again, for which GTA 6 will include a playable female protagonist for the first time. According to people close to the development, it turns out that the woman will be Latina, and will be one of the two main characters in a story influenced by the Bonnie and Clyde-style bank robbers.

GTA 6, codenamed Project Americas for now, is meant to be the greatest Grand Theft Auto ever. The game will have a main city inspired by Miami and the surrounding areas, and the idea is to create a title that can be updated over time with new missions and cities on a regular basis like in a live service game.

Industry analysts predict that the next Grand Theft Auto will be out in Take-Two’s fiscal year 2024, which runs from April 2023 to March 2024, but the developers are skeptical.

Schreier confirms the fact that the development of Grand Theft Auto VI was slower than expected. In large part, this has to do with the pandemic, but also some of the changes the company has implemented in an effort to improve working conditions.

This report actually confirms the promises made by Rockstar over time, with the idea that this will be a mammoth video game.