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GTA 6 Features Modern-Day Vice City, Female Protagonist & More – Insider

At the start of this new week, we received fresh speculations about the upcoming open-world adventure GTA 6. The whole thing was initiated by industry insider Tom Henderson, who says he already knows more about the new game.

GTA 6 launch window, female protagonist, modern-day settings confirmed?

Even if an official announcement is still a long way off, nobody should seriously doubt that GTA 6 has been in development at Rockstar Games for quite a while.

After we received unconfirmed rumors about GTA 6 over and over again in the past few months, Tom Henderson, who is considered as a reliable source several times in the recent past, has now spoken out. As Henderson reports, citing unspecified sources, we can look forward to a return to Vice City in GTA 6. However, we shouldn’t expect another detour to the 1980s.

Instead, Grand Theft Auto 6 should transport us to a Vice City in a modern setting. According to Henderson, the developers at Rockstar Games decided to take this step because GTA Online will also play an important role internally in the long term. In order to ensure a uniform setting for GTA 6 and GTA Online, Rockstar Games in Vice City let a certain amount of time pass by. According to Henderson, however, the setting will not be the only innovation in Grand Theft Auto 6.

The insider goes on to say that Grand Theft Auto 6 will offer several playable characters just like its predecessor. What is new is that this time you can slip into the role of a female protagonist. Henderson did not want to give more details about the characters and instead pointed out that the world of GTA 6 will not be quite as big as the leaks and rumors of recent times suggest.

According to Henderson, we shouldn’t expect the release of the latest GTA title before 2024 or even 2025. Especially since there is still the question of which platforms GTA 6 will ultimately appear for. While implementations for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S are considered safe, Rockstar Games could also consider implementations for the old consoles due to the continuing supply bottlenecks.

However, nothing has been officially confirmed so far.