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GTA 6 Will Be Reportedly Revealed in 2023, Insider Claims

Tom Henderson has decided to make his predictions on major announcements of games - and not only - that we could expect to see GTA 6 in 2023.

GTA 6 will be revealed in 2023 according to a recent set of predictions made by the insider Tom Henderson. He presents some good arguments as to why, which you can read below.

GTA 6 Reveal in 2023, Insider Claims

GTA 6 Reveal in 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, it’s impossible not to start making more or less credible predictions about the year to come, including the most anticipated announcements. Between new games and still unobtainable consoles, the situation is destined to improve, with 2023 that promises to be even more incisive.

Now, while publishers like PlayStation have recently compiled the best moments of the year that is about to close, someone is instead looking to the coming months with particular confidence.

Through the Insider-Gaming site, the well-known Tom Henderson has decided to make his predictions on major game announcements – and more – that we might expect to see in 2023.

First of all, however, it must be said that these are only predictions and must therefore be taken as such, although Henderson has most often proved to be truly reliable.

First of all, the well-known insider says he is firmly convinced that the next chapter of the GTA 6 open world series will be officially presented during the next year in 2023.

This seems decidedly possible, especially due to the fact that 2022 was marked by the very serious leak of videos and images relating to GTA 6 and which put Rockstar in serious difficulty.

Henderson’s second prediction relates to Sony’s “new” PlayStation 5 console which, according to the leaker, will be announced in the first half of the year, with an arrival on the market in September 2023.

Featuring a removable disk drive, the console is set to reduce shipping and manufacturing costs and will eventually completely replace the standard PS5 model, as planned.

Another speculation by Henderson is that relating to the new Switch: after all, according to reports from Digital Foundry experts, Nintendo would have chosen to cancel Switch Pro and maybe working on a “Switch 2” console.