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Nintendo Switch Pro Was Real But Reportedly Got Canceled

Nintendo reportedly decided to "cancel" the Switch Pro and work directly on a new console, according to Digital Foundry.

Perhaps the time has finally come to put an end to the rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro, the most powerful model of the hybrid console that has been the subject of numerous leaks and rumors in recent months and which may never see the light of day. In fact, it would seem that Nintendo has decided not to release further versions after Switch OLED, instead thinking about what the future of its consoles could be definitively. Check out the complete details below.

Nintendo Switch Pro Was Real But Has Been Canceled

nintendo switch pro was real but reportedly got canceled

As already suggested in recent weeks by Shigeru Miyamoto and even by the developers of Pokemon, the Kyoto house would already be working on a hypothetical “Nintendo Switch 2”, even if the characteristics of the new peripheral are still to be discovered. To suggest this hypothesis is a new report by Digital Foundry experts, who would confirm that Nintendo Switch Pro was actually real and in development, only to be mysteriously canceled.

In their latest video, which is published below, Digital Foundry claims to have received confirmation of what was previously stated by insiders from more than one source and from different developers.

The Pro version should have been a mid-gen upgrade, in the wake of what was previously attempted with the New Nintendo 3DS: the idea was however rejected, presumably even after seeing the success achieved by the OLED model.

The Kyoto house is therefore working on the new console on the way, which according to Digital Foundry in any case will not arrive in 2023. Digital Foundry in fact speculates that Nintendo would currently be concerned about the possible transition to “Switch 2”.

An understandable concern, if we consider that in the previous generation Wii U proved to be one of the company’s most impressive flops. In any case, if this indiscretion were confirmed, it would mean that Switch Pro will now remain a dream never destined to come true.

At this point it remains to be understood how the new console will be structured: in recent weeks the production of a new console seemed to have been confirmed thanks to a new Nvidia chip, but the idea may have been discarded in favor of a more powerful platform. As usual, however, we invite you to take everything reported here with a grain of salt and to continue following us for all the latest news on the matter.