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GTA 6 Will Have Modern Day Setting, Insider Says

In recent times, many rumors have been chasing the new GTA 6 from Rockstar Games. In fact, many are wondering when the title will be released, where it will be set, and what will be the new improvements that this new next-gen incarnation of the most played criminal life simulator of all time will introduce.

Recently, an insider seems to have anticipated the years during which GTA 6 will be set. Few words, but definitely exhaustive. The insider Tom Henderson confirms that the next GTA 6 will not be set in the 80s, but will have a modern setting.

Users were immediately overjoyed, and started making new assumptions about everything that could entail a GTA set in the present day. Some gamers have long debated on forums like Reddit, wondering if this new timeline could have been chosen because it would attract new players and therefore more money.

Others, although they wanted a nostalgic setting, highlight how modernity can implement current vehicles and technologies in the game. Recent rumors had spread the possibility that the story of GTA 6 will be set in Vice City, Miami, with some missions in South America and the Caribbean.

Former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies talked about the idea of ​​connecting multiple cities from previous GTAs in a single chapter. GTA 6 could be even bigger and really include old locations already seen, with trips between San Andreas and Vice City on huge maps.

It was also rumored that the new title of the series has a female protagonist, confirming this Rockstar Games has in no way denied this rumor. However, a modern setting could dismantle all these rumors.

We just have to wait for official confirmation from Rockstar Games, which, we are sure, should not be long in coming given the insistence with which the fans are waiting for the arrival of the new GTA 6.