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Gotham Knights Release Window Leaked

Gotham Knights release window has been potentially leaked. Find out all information related to the release date of the new Batman game.

New Gotham Knights concept art has been leaked online, which would have also revealed the release window of the title in advance. Fans of DC superheroes are currently waiting for many ambitious video games currently in production: among these, one of the most important is certainly Gotham Knights, in the hands of WB Games Montreal.

Gotham Knights Release Window Leaked

gotham knights release window

The authors of the Batman Arkham Collection prequel are in fact working on a new title set in Gotham City, in which, however, the iconic Dark Knight is dead. We will therefore check an incredible new cast in this adventure, which has had the opportunity to show itself in detail in the latest trailer from DC Fandome.

The fate of Batman was decided by the developers to give a fresh and unique approach to the universe of Bruce Wayne and his companions, which on this occasion we will have the opportunity to check more closely.

The launch of the ambitious project Gotham Knights should have taken place, in the initial intentions, during 2021: the publisher was however forced to announce a delay to 2022, without however providing further details on the possible launch window.

However, the mystery may have been revealed: the community has discovered asset images, to be used for marketing, which would have revealed in advance the release window of Gotham Knights.

According to a shot in particular reported by a Twitter user, which you can observe below, it would seem that Gotham Knights has a release window set for spring 2022, which would make it likely to release in the months ranging from March to May next year.

As an added bonus, fans also discovered new concept art, used by the artists as a reference for the creation of the marketing material and for the realization in CG:

Everything was found on the personal website of Jin Park, the art director who took care of the branding of Gotham Knights: a few minutes after these artworks went online, the dedicated section suddenly became inaccessible.

It, therefore, seems clear that these concept art are finished online sooner than expected: of course, the possibility of a possible future postponement remains concrete, given that the developers have not yet announced a definitive launch window.

Therefore, pending further news, we invite you to take this rumor with due precautions as usual. Although the developers have experience with the popular series dedicated to the Dark Knight, Gotham Knights will distance itself from Batman Arkham: the reason is to be found in its gameplay formula, dedicated to the co-op.

Recall that Gotham Knights will release sometime in 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. For more information on the upcoming Batman game, click here.