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Gears 5 & F1 2020 Free To Play This Weekend Thanks to Xbox Free Play Days

The guests of honor of the Xbox Free Play Days for the month of May 2021 are two real big hits: Gears 5 and F1 2020.

Gears 5 and F1 2020 free download via Xbox Free Play Days

With the latest Xbox Free Play Days that Microsoft has just announced for May 2021, we will be able to celebrate the launch of Operation 7 with Gears 5 or challenge the best drivers in the world with F1 2020. These are the two titles concerned for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

In fact, subscribers will be able to use the same portal on the site to access the Microsoft Store, where the titles will be available (after logging in) to check the status of their registration. To be able to download on the console, just access the registration menu of the marketplace and look for the appropriate section.

Clearly, if you want to take advantage of Gears 5 and F1 2020 even after the Xbox Free Play Days, Microsoft has taken steps to discount the titles appropriately. At the time of writing this article, assuming that the percentage remains unchanged, the shooter is discounted by 60% while the racing game has suffered a decrease of 75%.

Discounts apply to both versions available for each game. In the case of Gears 5, the synopsis invites us to relive the beginning of the legendary Operation 7. We will be able to play on the new Ephyra map with the new characters Ukkon and Hana, and only for this week access the “One shot, one kill” mode.

As for F1 2020, we will have access to the entire official tie-in of the formula one world championship, including the campaign to create our personal team. Multiplayer features a local split-screen for two players, as well as an online mode for each of the 22 circuits.

You can join the Free Play Days on the Xbox official website by visiting this link.